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How can I insert empty ERB tags and put cursor inside it? It is similar to surrounding with surround plugin, but there is nothing to surround.

For example, from this:


I want get this:

bla<%= | %>bla
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I would use Tim Pope's surround plugin to accomplish this.

Add the following to you ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/erb.vim

let b:surround_{char2nr('=')} = "<%= \r %>"
let b:surround_{char2nr('-')} = "<% \r %>"

Now when you press <c-s>= it will insert <%= | %> just as you wanted.

You may also want to look at Tim Pope's ragtag plugin which has such mappings already included.

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What does it mean: <c-s>=? Is it 'change selection' shortcut (cs)? I have tried that commands, but them do work only if there is some text selected. – whitered Feb 28 '11 at 11:57
got it work, ctrl-s in insert mode. quite handy – whitered Feb 28 '11 at 12:40

To insert predefined block of text, you should have a look at Snipmate. It will insert code and position the cursor to a predefined position.

I am not sure ERB is supported but it is very easy to add your own snippets.

For example, something like :

snippet ta
     <%= ${1} %> 

in erb.snippets should insert the text when typing ta

However, you can find plenty of snippets for Snipmate online.

For example, contains lots of predefined snippets.

See previous answer on how to install them.

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