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I use jstree for show in my jsp page a tree of my object. Now my requirement is move the click on my arrow.

This is my jsp code:

<script type="text/javascript">
"core" : { "initially_open" : [ "predef_1" ] },
"html_data" : {
 "data" : "<%=strutturaAlbero%>"
"plugins" : [ "themes", "html_data" ]

In my java class I create this code for tree:

    String strutturaAlbero ="<li id=\'predef_1\' class=\'open\'>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<div style=\'width:300px;margin-left:20px;margin-top:-50px;\' class=\'nodeTree\'>";  
    strutturaAlbero +="<table border=\'0\' width=\'300px\'>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<tr><td colspan=\'2\'>"+outbst.DENOM_GRUPPO.trim()+"</td><td></td></tr>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<tr><td colspan=\'2\'>SNDG: "+outbst.COD_SNDG_GRUPPO+"</td><td></td></tr>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<tr><td>Banca clone: "+outbst.COD_ABI_GRUPPO.trim()+"</td></tr>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<tr><td colspan=\'2\'>Filiale di riferimento: "+outbst.UO_FIL_GRUPPO.trim()+"</td>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<td align=\'right\' valign=\'middle\'>"+strgrpOrdinata.length+"<a href=\'#\' onclick=\'javascript:callSintesiGrp('+outbst.COD_SNDG_GRUPPO+')\'><img style=\'border:0\' src=\'"+staticWebUrl+"img/abc.anagraficaGruppo.G.gif\'/></a></td></tr>";
    strutturaAlbero +="</table>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<div class=\'tree\' style=\'border-top:1px solid black;height:20px;\'>**<div class=\'open\'>ARROW</div>**</div>";
    strutturaAlbero +="</div>";
    strutturaAlbero +="<ul class=\'sottoramo\'>";

Where I wrote ARROW I need to click to expand my tree.

Help me please. :)

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