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I like Mercurial very much. But most of the companys I work for aren't ready to change to Mercurial, yet. So I'm wondering whether there is a convenient way to use a local Mercurial repository and commit (what I would otherwise push to my remote Mercurial repo) to the companys' svn. I would prefer a solution which can be easily integrated into my workflow as a MercurialEclipse user.

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Take a look at:


When you want to push the changes directly into svn, you first pull the latest changes from svn, then rebase your changes to the svn HEAD and push them back.

$ hg pull --svn # pull the changes from svn
$ hg up your_head # update the repo to the head of the changes you want to push to svn
$ hg rebase --svn # rebase your_head onto svn
$ hg push --svn
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Have a look at HgSubversion, it should suits your needs.

You can then use Mercurial as a Subversion client.

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