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MyJList myList = new MyJList();
    myList.addListSelectionListener(new ListSelectionListener() {

    public void valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent e) {


. . .

class MyList extends JList{

    public MyList () {





When I click on list item with mouse, I see message «Selected!».

When program start, this message not shown, but item #0 is selected.

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You setSelectedIndex in the constructor

Then after that, add the SelectionListener

when setSelectedIndex is called...there is no Listener

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You are right. Thank you. –  Alexandr Feb 28 '11 at 6:27

This is exactly what should happen. valueChanged is only called when the user selects the item. setSelectedIndex does not invoke any listeners.

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Look at the order of you code:

a) you create the list and set the index to 0
b) you add the ListSelectionListener. Well nothing has changed since you added the listener so no event is fired.

Try adding:


after adding the listener to see if the event is fired.

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