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I have one server (test) which has "php" command that I can run CLI with. The other server (hosting) runs only with "php5-cli" command.


exec("php file.php"); // Works on test server
exec("php5-cli file.php"); // Works on hosting server

How can my script detect which one to use?

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Make a config value specific to each server. On some servers you will encounter php5 as a cli command, instead of php:) And the system administrator may easily rename or symlink the executable to any name he likes.

edit: try something along the lines of :

$output = Array();
$result = -1;
exec("php -f myScript.php", $output, $result);
    // you should try to exec use the other method here
    echo "app 'php' not found";
    // the exec was a success
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php-config --php-binary
php-config5 --php-binary

But you probably run into similar problems of no guarantee what that command is called (or that it exists). Not sure how many hosting companies use it.

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Make sure which php.ini is included when using each of them.

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Could you symlink php-cli as php or vise versa?

That way either would work.

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He explicitly states that php doesn't work on his host server, hence his question. –  Spencer Hakim Feb 25 '11 at 15:00

Why not make a symlink to the executable on one of the servers ln -s so that one of them is available on both servers.

That should solve this problem.

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