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If you have 100 occurrences of "PRINT" in your stored procedure, is there a nice way to turn them all on/off when debugging an non-debugging?

I could add a variable @isdebug = 1

and later on, do something like IF @isdebug = 1 PRINT @yourvar

and then just set the @isdebug to 0 or 1 depending on what you need. Is there a nicer way to do this?

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Nope, that is also what I have in procs

IF @debug = 1
print 'Something'
--or insert into a log table if you need the rows of a temp table 
--or the results of a calculation
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An expansion of this idea is to setup up a controlling string. This giving us more options rather than either on or off.

For example: Stored procedure parameter declaration

   (@Debug     varchar(5),  -- use bit wise control for debugging, currently 5 levels.

Simple substring to drive a testing/debug block.

if substring(@Debug, 1, 1) = '1' 

For a test run you could enter '10001' for @Debug so that "level" 1 debugs show (ie initialisations) and only "level" 5 debugs show for the sub-section of code you are testing/debugging.

You could expand on this idea by using number values (ie 2-9) too. But that might be too over the top.

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