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I'm working on an AJAXy autocomplete widget. I'm trying to create a symfony URL with a placeholder, which I can then pass to my Javascript, so that the JS can inject the ID of records it has retrieved via AJAX. For example:

$this->widgetSchema['sons_list'] = new ynWidgetAjaxAutocomplete(
    'item_url'        => url_for( 'person/edit?id=%' ),
    // OR 
    'item_url'        => url_for( 'person/%/edit' ),

But neither of these works - I am looking for /person/%25/edit, but the first yields /person/edit/action?id=%25 and the second yields /person/%25/action. It does work if I pass a placeholder of digits, but this seems like a narsty hack to me:

$this->widgetSchema['sons_list'] = new ynWidgetAjaxAutocomplete(
    'item_url'        => url_for( 'person/edit?id=999999999999' ),

Anyone know a cleaner way? Thanks!

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If you want to pass only one parameter, you can probably use url_for('person/edit?id=') and then just append dynamic parameter with js.


Another way - how about replacing %25 with js?

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With your first suggestion, I get /person//edit. Appending ID and eliminating the extra slash makes it /person/edit?id=123, but sfDoctrineRouteCollection is (oddly) not able to parse that route. With the second suggestion, that would be fine; but I cannot get url_for() to work with any placeholder other than one that matches /^\d+$/. – yitznewton Feb 25 '11 at 17:42
Actually, I think I need to adjust my action, then I should be good... let me try... – yitznewton Feb 25 '11 at 17:47
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The main problem was that the auto-generated action was using $this->getRoute()->getObject(), but symfony wasn't able to resolve the URL to sfDoctrineRoute and was stuck with sfRoute, which doesn't have a getObject() method. I have now adjusted my action to retrieve the record based on the id parameter, and started using url_for( 'person/edit' ), appending ?id=123 in the JS, similar to Darmen. I am satisfied with this.

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Good question! Here is my solution (pass to url number and replace it it JS)

function preview_document(NODE, TREE_OBJ) {
  var url_to = '<?php echo url_for(sprintf('@document_preview?id=%s', '-999999'));?>';
  $.get(url_to.replace('-999999', $(NODE).attr('id').replace('phtml_', '')), function (data) {
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that was what I was getting at with my second code block in the question; but it seemed a little odd to me, so I was interested to know if there was a more "normal-looking" solution. Thanks! – yitznewton Feb 27 '11 at 21:01

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