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I'm using Fluent NHibernate with DiscriminateSubClassesOnColumn() to support subclassing. The column used to discriminate between subclasses is not mapped to an actual property on the entity.

How do I create a query which returns only entities of a given type?

Here's my try, where propertyName is the name of my discriminating column and value is the type name:

return _db.CreateCriteria<T>()
            .Add(Restrictions.Eq(propertyName, value))

However this gives me the error "could not resolve property: Type of: [my entity type]", which is because the entity itself doesn't have the property. If I add the property to my entity and map it I get another error: "System.IndexOutOfRangeException : Invalid index 7 for this SqlParameterCollection with Count=7."

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You pass the type to the generic parameter T. For example, if Cat and Dog extend abstract class Animal:

return _db.CreateCriteria<Cat>()

returns all Cats

    return _db.CreateCriteria<Animal>()

returns Cats and Dogs.

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You should just create a criteria based on the subclass you are interested in. For example if your entity hierarchy contains EntityB derived from EntityA, and you just want EntityB just do:


and you will get all the entities of type entity B. No reason on working on the discriminator explicitly.

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