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Does StoryTest (http://storytestiq.solutionsiq.com/wiki/Main_Page) work? Everything on the wiki is under construction.

If you have gotten it to work, can you share how you did it?

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While StoryTest appears to be a very cool approach to managing Selenium and FitNesse type tests, there has been no activity on that project in a year. I would chalk it up to abandoned.

I would consider using Selenium with SpecFlow to achieve a similar result that could be run from your continuous integration server.

Steven Sanderson has an awesome article on his blog about using SpecFlow with WatiN, his technique should be in the neighborhood of what you are attempting to accomplish. http://blog.stevensanderson.com/2010/03/03/behavior-driven-development-bdd-with-specflow-and-aspnet-mvc/

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