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Is it possible to rotate text from a horizontal position to a vertical on a single point without using something like flash? So I would read the same text normally by tilting my head.

I was thinking you can do this in jquery but couldn't find a plug in.

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I remember looking into this myself and discovering that it was either really hack-y or just not possible.

IE allows

<div STYLE="writing-mode: tb-rl">Content rendered vertically</div>

But AFAIK it doesn't work anywhere else (certainly doesn't on FF 3).

The best solution seems to be to use images (possibly dynamically generated). Sorry to not be more help!

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I have not seen this before, is it reliable? – user1477388 Nov 5 '12 at 19:55

i used pure CSS and it worked very fine for me,here is the code:

<div style="-webkit-transform: rotate(-45deg); -moz-transform: rotate(-45deg); z-index:inherit; float:left">Not at all</div>
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why add a float left to it? – foxybagga Apr 19 '11 at 20:54

CSS will allow...

-webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); -moz-transform: rotate(-90deg); filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(rotation=3);

The element must also be display:block.

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You may have to use SVG instead of HTML - of course, not all browsers support SVG, and some do it better than others.

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I don´t know if it´s any help, but you can do it in two steps:

  • Use a server-side solution like php to convert your text into an image
  • Rotate the image using a jquery plugin (for example jquery-rotate)

The problem is that the result is an image, and not a text any more.

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There are some new CSS specifications proposed by webkit. They are currently only implemented in their nightlies and Apple's Safari 4 Developer Preview.

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I've asked a couple of questions on this theme myself...

You can do this with a dynamic image - although that has its problems (C# example).

You can also do this with with CSS in IE.

The new CSS transforms in the latest Safari, Chrome and FX don't quite work either (includes example).

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