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I have a django form on my template like this:

<form action="/my-page/" method="post" name="my_form">{% csrf_token %}
    {{ form.non_field_errors }}
    <div class="fieldWrapper">
        {{ form.txt_filed1.errors }}
        <label for="id_txt_field1">Profile Name:</label>
        {{ form.txt_filed1 }}
    <p><input type="submit" name='update_button' value="Update" /></p>

I've been trying to insert a value to a text filed above using javascript but I didn't have much success:

<script type="text/javascript">    
document.my_form.form-txt_filed1.value = "my value";

Any idea what might be the problem? Thank you!

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This is just a shot in the dark but try changing the script to document.my_form.txt_filed1.value = "my value"; –  zdyn Feb 25 '11 at 16:30
what's the HTML output of that Django code? –  Stofke Feb 25 '11 at 16:33
The html output of the django code is: <input id="id_form-txt_filed1" type="text" name="form-txt_field1" maxlength="60" /> –  avatar Feb 25 '11 at 17:02

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Looks like you put form- in when your field doesn't contain that.


// by the way, do you notice that your label is for id_txt_field1
// while your form field says {{ form.txt_filed1 }} ? 
document.my_form.txt_filed1.value = "my value";


document.getElementById('id_txt_filed_1').value = 'hello';

Or pick up a javascript framework. I prefer writing in jQuery:

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The getElementById did the trick. Thank you! –  avatar Feb 25 '11 at 17:12

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