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Simple-Stored is based on top of CouchPotato for handling CouchDb in rails. While trying to upload files to the couchdb we have tryied using base64, json post and nothing seems to work quite right; we are trying to upload to the _attachments propertie of a document already stored.

Having the model like this :

class Patient
  include SimplyStored::Couch

and in the controller while receiving the file trough the update action

def update
    @patient = Patient.find(params[:id])
    if params[:patient][:_attachments] 
        attachement = params[:patient][:_attachments]
        filedata = attachement.tempfile.read
        data = Base64.encode64(filedata).gsub(/\n/, '')
        type = attachement.content_type
        or_name = attachement.original_filename
        @patient._attachments = {or_name => {'data' => data, 'content_type' => type}}
        return render :json => @patient._attachments

Now the fun part is that I can see that @patient._acttachments has the file itself and that is what is returning in the render after the .save; but it is not actually saving it on the couchdb database.

Any ideas why is not doing the save or should I try to just push the _attachment to the couchdb database. ? (which by the way always returns a 500 error :( )

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the solution it's very simple, based on the couchpotato website, you actually don't need to convert it to base64 here is the example of code working

if params[:patient][:_attachments] 
            attachement = params[:patient][:_attachments]
            data = attachement.tempfile.read
            type = attachement.content_type
            or_name = attachement.original_filename
            params[:patient][:_attachments] = {or_name => {'data' => data, 'content_type' => type}}
  if @patient.update_attributes(params[:patient]) #blah blah blah

since the values are in the [:patient][:_attachments] params, you just need to pass it as another param tested and working.

Also you need to define your patients model as

    property :_attachments

dunno if that is required but I did it.

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I hope he at least invited a couple of beers over this :) –  Duopixel Oct 11 '12 at 14:33

I donno about the Ruby and couchpotato, but I don't think you need to Base64 your attachment. Just read the binary info and write it to request. my 2cents. :)

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that generates an invalid json instruction and it just doesn't parse. –  Salvador Feb 25 '11 at 22:05

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