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I'm trying to create a custom email for ClearQuest in order to:

  • format the message more neatly
  • include a hyperlink to a change request (which is based on the Defect schema) on our local intranet

The only way I know of to send an email is to add an email rule using a static form submission via a Email_Rule Stateless Record Type (which comes with the Defect schema). The only customization it allows is to select the fields to include in the email, the criteria specifying when to send the email (e.g. when the state changes), and who to send it to.

I'm assuming a script is run (either in VB or Perl) in order to aggregate the information needed for the email and perhaps another to actually send the email. I'm looking for one or both of those scripts. Does anyone know where those scripts are located on a ClearQuest server?

I've come across various references from IBM that pertain to custom emails, but none were very helpful.

We're using ClearQuest v7.1.2. Does anyone know of any good references dealing with ClearQuest custom emails?

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One thing I do not what to do is add a new field to the schema, for example called URL, and make a hook to modify the URL field's value by concatenating a static URL and the id field value. – E-rich Mar 2 '11 at 15:48
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We are using Clear Quest Email Notification Package, that allows much more flexible email notifications. Link

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I installed it and am trying to apply the package to the schema, but it doesn't show a package revision to apply. The Package Wizard requires "You must select a package revision to apply". The package EmailNotification shows up in the list, but no revision. Perhaps it isn't compatible with version 7.1.2? – E-rich Mar 3 '11 at 14:08
Try posting on this forum: Pavel Dubovitsky, author of the package is very keen to help with any issues. – mlusiak Mar 4 '11 at 14:00

The package is compatible with ClearQuest 7.1.2. You can download new version from the following location:

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