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How to include some "text" into a .txt format file without opening the same via a script on windows?

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I will give you an all PowerShell answer. You can use Add-Content or Set-Content cmdlets.

Set-Content overwrites the target file and Add-Content appends to the file.

Set-Content -Value "Test1" -Path C:\Scripts\Scratch\test.txt
Add-Content -Value "Test" -Path C:\Scripts\Scratch\test.txt

Or, you can use Out-File also.

"Test" | Out-File -FilePath C:\Scripts\Scratch\test.txt -Append
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The command you need is echo (as stated in the comments):

 echo Text>>textFile.txt  

This link should prove helpful in learning windows commands:

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If you want to do it interactively from a standard Windows command prompt (typing the content in at the keyboard), you can use the following:

copy con c:\temp\file.txt

Then you can just start typing. To finish, just hit Ctrl+Z and ENTER, like so:

Hello world!
        1 file(s) copied.

To view the file, use:

type c:\temp\file.txt

You should see the following output:

Hello world!
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get-content cmdlet should work fine for you.

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