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I am in the process of evaluating JIRA as a replacement to TFS 2010. I know that JIRA has the capability to import from CSV but cannot figure out how to export fields like the History fields from TFS to a spreadsheet.

Any recommendations / tools would be highly appreciated.

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I don't think there is an easy way to do what you want.

I am thinking you would need to make your own tool using the TFS API. I don't know if JIRA has an API to do the inserting, but TFS's api is fairly good. You could easily get that data out.

For "How To" on the TFS API I usually look to Shai Raitan's TFS API blog posts.

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I do custom migrations from all sorts of databases (ClearQuest, TeamTrack, Remedy) into JIRA. It takes about a week to do the job so it isn't cheap but if you have a lot of data and want more information than the standard importers provide, it's one way to go. The CSV importer probably won't do what you want.

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Have a look at Appfire's Enterprise Migration Utility. It migrates TFS to JIRA, amongst others.

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Simple enough, create a Query that has all your work items, click on the icon to open in Excel, Save the Excel file as CSV. done.

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