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Hi i am stuck in MDIform with panel control.

I have one panel control Docked (fill) to parent MDI form. When i try opening new child form with menu click event the child form doesn't show up in MDI container.

After debugging few times, i set the visible property of panel control to false, the child form shows up now.

what is causing this? is there any way that i can leave panel control as docked (fill) inside MDI container form and show the child form on top of that panel?

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MDI child windows are always shown as a child of the MDI client area. The dark gray window in an MDI parent. You cannot cover this up with a docked panel, the child windows will show behind the panel. Obviously not visible. You must leave room for the client area, a hard requirement.

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After the call to the Show method for the MDI child form, add the childForm.BringToFront() statement. The child form will show in front of the parent form controls.

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It might be, that the panel control is shown in front of the MDI child. Try to move the MDI child to the foreground or the panel to the background.

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i suppose that was "in front of MDI child". yes, i resized the panel to half of the container form, child form shows up now. but what is the method to bring form to foreground ? couldn't figure out that. – bhu1st Feb 25 '11 at 17:51

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