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i'm trying to apply password encoding and salt using Spring. All work fine when user login, but i need to apply encoding and salt when user sign up. Reading the documentation and googling now I'm able to do that but i must create a user on database and commit it, then load data from database

 UserDetails userDetail = userDetailsService.loadUserByUsername(users.getUsername());

and input UserDetails to passwordEncoder

 String encodedPassword = passwordEncoder.encodePassword(users.getPassword(), saltSource.getSalt(userDetail));

Now if something goes wrong during password encryption i have user in database with plaintext password. I think that this isn't desiderable. So, there is a solution to load UserDetails without accessing to Database? Thank you in advance

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Not sure what are you asking about. Do you want user data not to be stored in a db? Do you want passwords not to be stored in clear text? Do you want user's data not to be fetched every time authentication occurs? –  Boris Kirzner Feb 28 '11 at 11:09
I want create an UserDetails object without accessing to the database. I need this during user Sign Up not on login. –  Roberto de Santis Feb 28 '11 at 22:47

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