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I'm developing a Java EE JBoss service which will be deployed in two different environments: one using SQL Server as the database, and a different one which uses Oracle 10g.

My database schemas are very similar, except that the primary key columns are identity-auto-increment in SQL Server and generated using sequences in Oracle.

With JPA, is it possible to use a single set of entities with both DB's?


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Of course you can, but just specify the generated-value definition for the PK field in XML metadata rather than annotations. Use 2 different "orm.xml" files, so, for example, use "persistenceUnitOracle" for Oracle that references orm-oracle.xml, and "persistenceUnitSqlServer" for SQLServer that references orm-sqlserver.xml

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Interesting concept, thanks. Put the generated-value definition in XML and keep the rest of the metadata as annotations? –  Jon Feb 25 '11 at 18:50
Yes. keep deployment-specific information in XML, whether it is value-generation, or column/table names or whatever, to avoid having to recompile to deploy in a different environment –  DataNucleus Feb 25 '11 at 19:56

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