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I'm working on calling different user controls, and the only data that I've been given is a string in which to call the user control that I have created. When I know the name, I can hard code and add that control in the code behind and add it dynamically that way, but when the name of the control is being passed to me via a string, I'm having trouble passing that to my usercontrol object and having it not be null...

Here is my code:

string userControlName = "ReportFilterOptions";                
Type type = this.GetType();
Assembly assembly = type.Assembly;
UserControl c = (UserControl)assembly.CreateInstance(type.FullName + "." + userControlName);
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Use System.Activator.CreateInstance.

See this example. The important parts are:

// get type of class Calculator from just loaded assembly
Type calcType = testAssembly.GetType("Test.Calculator");

// create instance of class Calculator
object calcInstance = Activator.CreateInstance(calcType);

You could make this more "user friendly" by iterating all the types to match string.

And... I've released a library you may find interesting.

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