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I am trying to figure out how to add a theme to my excel worksheet before saving it. I have found this code to change the cell color but have yet to find anything to change to a pre-default excel table format (the Table style light 2 theme)

    With xlSheet.Range("A:D").Interior
        .Pattern = Excel.XlPattern.xlPatternLinearGradient
        .Gradient.Degree = 60

        With .Gradient.ColorStops.Add(0)
            .ThemeColor = Excel.XlThemeColor.xlThemeColorAccent1
            .TintAndShade = 0
        End With
    End With

How can i just select all the cells and place that Table style light 2 onto them all using VB.net?

Any help would be great! Thanks! :o)


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Selection.Style = "Style name"
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I got it by using the following:

xlSheet.ListObjects("Table1").TableStyle = "TableStyleLight2"


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