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Anybody out there know how to copy/export just the "Message" portion of the logcat output either from Eclipse or attached via the command line? I often need to just export the logging statements without all the timestamp, pid, and tag information as well. For example:

02-25 12:35:13.083: INFO/System.out(2272): URL Requested: http://...

I don't need or want the 02-25 12:35:13.083: INFO/System.out(2272): portion. Seems like I shouldn't have to write a script to post-process the output, either.

Been driving me nuts for awhile now, thanks!

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Run logcat from a decent shell environment (linux, osx, cygwin or msys or in a pinch use the adb shell on the device itself), and pipe it into awk or sed, probably after grepping for the category of message and PID you care about.

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Ugh. I was really hoping there was a flag somewhere I was missing in configuring adb or logcat, but in the end that will work. Thanks. –  Devunwired Feb 28 '11 at 20:41

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