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What is the Oradiag_ Folder that is generated in my WinSCP folder?

Why does it get generated? And is there away to delete it for good?

Every time I sign in, it comes back when I delete it.

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As of Oracle 11g oracle redefined the directory location for diagnostic and alert files:

The database installation process has been redesigned to be based on the ORACLE_BASE environment variable. Until now, setting this variable has been optional and the only required variable has been ORACLE_HOME.

With this feature, ORACLE_BASE is the only required input, and the ORACLE_HOME setting will be derived from ORACLE_BASE. This change streamlines how Oracle software installation is organized, thereby making ongoing management easier.

This feature improves manageability by making default Oracle Database installations more compliant with Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) specifications.


ORACLE_BASE and Diagnostic Destination configuration

The directory that you specify when you are prompted for ORACLE_BASE by Oracle Universal Installer is stored in the Oracle home inventory. Database Configuration Assistant uses this value to derive the default database locations and the DIAGNOSTIC_DEST parameter. The diagnostic destination location contains all ADR directories (diagnostic files such as Alert logs and so on). Starting with Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1), the initialization parameter settings for background dump, user dump, and core dump destinations are replaced by the Diagnostic Destination.

Reference: Oracle 11g Database New Features

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