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I try to work with MojoX::Redis and I can`t understand how catch result in a variable.

In docs used "print"

 $redis->get(key => sub {
      my ($redis, $res) = @_;

      print "Value of ' key ' is $res->[0]\n";

It worked, but useless. How I can assign result to a variable in "main" program?

PS. Indeed I really don`t understand asynchronous paradigm on this part.

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The sub is called when requested data arrives. You can close anonymous sub around variable from the outside to get it assigned.

my $result;

$redis->get(key => sub {
    my ($redis, $res) = @_;
    $result = $res->[0];

But pay attention to that variable is filled asynchronously, so it will not be immediately available. Probably best approach is to process result within the anonymous sub.

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In mojolicious I get render BEFORE data is received. It`s necessary to create IOloop, as I show under. –  Meettya Feb 25 '11 at 21:38

I consult with author and he give me next solution :

my $data_out;

my $redis = $redis->ioloop(Mojo::IOLoop->new);

$redis->get( $user_query => sub {
      my ($redis, $res) = @_;

      $data_out = $res->[0];


 $self->render( text => "|$data_out|" );

full text in gist

I suppose without new ioloop Redis is "sited" on Mojolicious loop and receive data at the end only.

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You probably should add $data_out definition above to make this answer more clear. This approach effectively makes get blocking - it waits until data are received and then stop the loop. –  bvr Feb 26 '11 at 8:48
Thanx, fix $data_out definition. BTW, I will be use the AnyEvent::Redis. It`s seems like more clever and well-known solution, for me at the least. –  Meettya Mar 1 '11 at 23:17

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