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What are some low cost Business Intelligence Servers on the market?

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check out , nominal to start for a 5 to 10 person team –  Nilesh Sep 18 '12 at 20:38

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Though I can't vouch for any as I am only familiar with expensive BI, I found this:

by querying for "BI" at . I find that to be a useful tool when I need to find "low cost" alternatives.

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Try out, it is an alternative to the (sometimes) too robust BI but with keeping all the advanced reporting and dashboarding tools like Pentaho etc. It is provided also as a SaaS and you can start using it immediately for 30 day trial after registration. (Or you can use Google account-based login on for free personal usage).

What kind of data you plan to analyse and report? This product supports these datasources: xml, csv, xls, Google apps, databases, manual entries.. so you can combine several data together.


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logixml has a nice tool called logi-info. They license based on a server model instead of by user.

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A new B.I. product that has just come out in beta and will be inexpensive is described at The future of B.I. - Raw & Uncut (disclaimer - I wrote the blog). It runs in Microsoft Office and provides full ad-hoc queries and drill-down. A very different approach from everything else out there - so it may or may not be a good fit.

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Have a look to icCube; there's a community edition that might be enough for your needs; otherwise the enterprise edition are quite affordable compared to the major actors of the market.

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