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I've got an object which is a new MimeMessage called message and I want to find out what it's passing to my outgoing mail server. I however have no idea how one gets a variable like this printed out in Java. Here's some code:

private String sendConfirmationEmail (String to, String from, String subject, String body, boolean CCSender) {
  //            String smtpHost = Properties.smtp;
          String smtpHost = Properties.smtp;      
          String fromAddress = from;
          String toAddress = to;

          Properties properties = System.getProperties();
          properties.put("mail.smtp.host", smtpHost);

          Session session = Session.getInstance(properties, null);

          MimeMessage message = new MimeMessage(session);

          message.setFrom(new InternetAddress(fromAddress));
                  new InternetAddress(toAddress));

          if (CCSender) {
                    new InternetAddress(from));

          System.out.println(message); <=== I want this to work!

          return "1:success";
      catch(Exception e)
          return "0:failure "+e.toString();

Any help would be much appreciated.


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For MimeMessage, you can call message.writeTo(System.out);. You will probably want to do this after calling message.saveChanges() to ensure consistency.

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If it's a class you have control of, you override it's toString() method

If you have no control over it, you'll have to write a method like

String valueOf(Message message) {
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    return sb.toString();

and use valueOf in your debug message

For MimeMessage, I'd rely on it having a toString implementation for its content

String valueOf(Message message) {
    return message.getContent().toString();
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You could create a decorator class implementing the base interface, and logging/printing everything returned by the wrapped class' toString() (or whatever other methods the base interface has).

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