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When I try to upload a folder with subfolders to S3 through the AWS console, only the files are uploaded not the subfolders.

You also can't select a folder. It always requires opening the folder first before you can select anything.

Is this even possible?

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The Amazon S3 Console now supports uploading entire folder hierarchies. Enable the Ehanced Uploader in the Upload dialog and then add one or more folders to the upload queue.


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had no idea about the enhanced uploader, thanks for mentioning it! –  JimmyPena Oct 5 '11 at 3:32

Normally I use the Enhanced Uploader available via the AWS management console. However, since that requires Java it can cause problems. I found s3cmd to be a great command-line replacement. Here's how I used it:

s3cmd --configure   # enter access keys, enable HTTPS, etc.
s3cmd sync <path-to-folder> s3://<path-to-s3-bucket>/
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Consider using CloudBerry Explorer freeware to upload the full folder structure to Amazon S3.

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You can't upload nested structures like that through the online tool. I'd recommend using something like Bucket Explorer for more complicated uploads.

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any free options? –  chrismarx Feb 25 '11 at 22:35
CloudBerry Explorer is free - see above –  cloudberryman Feb 26 '11 at 18:16

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