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Even if I loaded for dozen times an external swf into a movieclip... I dont know how to resize (layout) the targeted movieclip. I dont mean the quality... Let`s say the external SWF has 400 X 300 px and I want it to be loaded into a movieclip container about 200X100. How to resize the external SWF file prior to be loaded? Please HELP ! I know that in AS 3 there is some code with x/y variables... But my external SWF and the main page (in whic I want the swf to be loaded) are in AS 2. Anyone pls Help :) Thanks!

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Lets call the container SWF mc_a and the SWF to be loaded mc_b.

Create another container SWF inside of mc_a. We'll call it mc_c for this discussion.

At runtime, set the visibility of mc_c to false.

Load mc_b into mc_c.

mc_c will assume the width and height of the loaded SWF, mc_b, but it will be invisible at this point.

Set the width and height of mc_c according to what you want.

Set the visibility of mc_c to true.

That should do it, or some similar variation of that. You could also forgo the inner container, mc_c, and just set the visibility of mc_a to false at runtime, load mc_b into it, resize mc_a accordingly, and then set mc_a's visibility to true.

The inner container method presumes you might have some other content in mc_a that you would not want resized. When using the inner container method you might have to adjust the x/y of mc_c as well since it will scale anchored at the top left corner.

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ok thanks man...I`ll try this... Hope that works. Ill notice you about that –  Asgaard Apr 3 '11 at 10:52

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