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I'm using the Perl package Spreadsheet::WriteExcel to write an Excel file. I want to write a string that starts with the equal sign, "=ABC()", to a cell.

 $ws->write('A1', '=ABC()');

But I got an error message of

 Unknown function ABC() in formula

Can someone advise?

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Note I do not want the cell to be interpreted (by the module, anyway) as a function. So yes, ABC is not a function and no, I'm not using it as an example, that's the actual string I want to put in the cell. –  Zhang18 Feb 25 '11 at 23:14

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Use the write_string method directly instead of using write:

$ws->write_string('A1', '=ABC()');

Spreadsheet::WriteExcel's write method is a convenience method that guesses what kind of data you're trying to store. If it guesses wrong, you should use one of the type-specific methods.

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I am the author of Spreadsheet::WriteExcel and this is the correct answer. See the documentation on the write() method for a detailed explanation. –  jmcnamara Feb 25 '11 at 23:30
and what if we want to write in excel using write_row() method which has arrayref as input, and arrayref is having something like this ("data","=") then also it throws error, is there any other solution for the same? –  Ganesh Apr 7 at 8:16

@Cjm already provided the best answer. Still, I'd like to remember that's possible also to format any cell as text and type whatever you want, that won't be interpreted.

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