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My validation is working as it stands, but I want to display the validation error prior to the search controller. I understand this might not be possible within the CakePHP framework.

I have a model plan.php. And in the plans_controller.php, I have a function called search().

My form calls search() as expected (because there is no search model):

echo $this->Form->create('Plan', array('action' => 'search'));

As it stands, when I submit my search, the errors are displayed and the url changes to .../search, so no results are displayed ("There are 0 results for that search criteria", but the correct validation errors are displayed below required form fields.

I do not want the .../search url to be displayed. I want the form to "halt" and just display the validation errors w/out changing the url to the search function.

I am calling the search form within an element because the search form displays on several different pages.

To sum this up: The search form should validate w/out changing the url path to the controller action name of the search. Of course, the validation is done IN the search() and plan.php model, so I just don't know how to work around this and wondering if its even possible.

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You can use the validates() method of the model to check whether it validates and then redirect back.

Assuming your model is called Plan, this would be your controller

$errors = array();
if (!$this->Plan->validates($this->data)) {
   //errors occured
   $errors = $this->Plan->invalidFields();
   $this->Session->save('Plan.errors', $errors);

And in your view.

if ($this->Session->check('Plan.errors')) {
   $errors = $this->Session->read('Plan.errors');
   $this->Session->delete('Plan.errors'); //don't want it again


In both cases, make sure Session helper/component is actually assigned to your view and controller

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JohnP, interesting approach. Yours is much more elegant than mine. I will give it a shot : ) –  OldWest Feb 26 '11 at 19:30
I've used cakePHP 1.3s way of getting the helper in the view, in case you're having trouble there. –  JohnP Feb 27 '11 at 15:47
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OK. Cracked out a working solution w/ implode, but now my errors are only displayed in the default layout and no longer under the form fields where that belong.. So now I need to know how to get the errors back below the form fields..

Working code:

...else {
          $errors = $this->Plan->invalidFields();
          $error_messages = implode(' ',$errors);
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