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Is there a reliable way to to know whether a web page has the user's focus or not? E.g., are they in another tab or using another program?

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a plugin like jquery.nap may help you out in your quest

jQuery.nap is a plugin that detects when the user is "taking a nap"
and executes the defined functions when the user "falls asleep"
and "wakes up"

check also jQuery.idleTimer.

I hope this will help you

Jerome Wagner

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It's possible, but I'm not sure if it's viable. You could, on every user click/focus, send an AJAX request telling your back-end that the user done something. But this would cause an overhead of your client browser and you server.

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I don’t need to know, server-side. –  Alan H. Feb 26 '11 at 2:53

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