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I have a weird issue regarding buffering inputStream of pdf and odt files. They are not so big, just 5 - 15 pages, but it always ends up like this Stream closed

You can see the source code here. I'm asking here, because it doesn't seem to be Apache Tika issue, but rather JVM issue.

EDITED: Sorry guys for such a stupid question, it was 4am :-) The problem was that 4 from 5 tests failed so I anticipated that classloader found those resources, but it didn't. There was a typo "file / files" ... Stil don't understand why one of them passed

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Sorry to ask an obvious question, but are the resource files that you're trying to load accessible in the test's classpath?

String resourceLocation = "file/Designandrealizationofanintranetportal.pdf";
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It is highly unlikely to be a JVM / Java class library problem. It will either be your testcase or Tika that is at fault.

The exception occurs when something tries to read from a Stream that has already been closed. And the standard stream classes don't close themselves spontaneously.

If I was going to figure out what the real problem was, I'd run one of the testcases using a debugger, set a breakpoint on the BufferedInputStream.close() method, and try to figure out where, and why it was being called.

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