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I'm using Google App Engine and Python.

class Spam(db.Model)
  eggs = db.TextProperty

# Create some json and store it to a Spam Entity
eggs_dict = {"large":10, "medium":5, "small":24}
eggs_json = simplejson.dumps(eggs)
spam = Spam(eggs=db.Text(eggs_json))

# Later, fetch spam and then return the json as part of a Response

When I do this I get a Response that looks like:


This is my first time working with JSON + Python + GAE Datastore, and my question is that this seems to be the proper way of storing and fetching JSON Strings, but before I commit this design patter to other Entities, I wanted to see if this is a good pattern and not prone to any data errors down the road. Specifically do I need to perform any encoding on the way in or out of the Datastore?

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You shouldn't need to do any encoding when inserting a 'string' (you've serialized your dictionary to a string) into the AppEngine datastore.

I tried the following code and got back the same exact same string when retrieved from the datastore.

eggs_dict = {"large":10, "medium":5, "small":24}
eggs_json = simplejson.dumps(eggs_dict)
spam = Spam(key_name='blah')
spam.eggs = eggs_dict

new_spam = db.get(db.Key.from_path('Spam', 'blah'))

# Later, fetch spam and then return the json as part of a Response
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What you've got looks good, but maybe you should look into using a custom property like: JsonProperty(1) or JsonProperty(2).

That way the data is automatically serialized/deserialized for you.

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