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Maybe this is a dumb question, but I use


to refer to the composite component, for instance cc.attrs.randomAttr but I have also seen the


implicit object and I have used it because I was told to but I don't really understand what it is for. Can anyone explain please?

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cc refers to the top level composite component that is being processed at the time of evaluation.

component simply is the ui component being processed.

So when inside a composite component, cc refers to the 'parent' component, while component when used on an individual component refers to that particular instance. Or for simple cases:

cc == component.getCompositeComponentParent(component), with component being a component of which the composite component is build.

E.g. consider the following composite component:



        <h:outputText value="Own ID: #{component.id}, parent composite ID: #{cc.id}" /> <br/>
        <h:outputText value="Own ID: #{component.id}, parent composite ID: #{cc.id}" />



Using this on a Facelet will print 2 different "own" IDs, namely the ones of the two outputText components, while the composite ID will be the same on both lines.

Note that things may become a little more complicated when multiple nestings of composite components are involved.

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very ilustrative answer. Thanks arjan! That example really helped me out. –  arg20 Feb 27 '11 at 1:18

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