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Is there a safe way use variables that are passed to a function (variables are not user defined) for table names in a prepared statement?


function select( $table )
    blah blah

    $stmt->prepare( "SELECT * FROM $table WHERE id = ?" );

    blah blah

I have generated a function that has all available table names and if one of them matches $table, it returns the table name. I think it's called hard-coding. But I don't know is this is helping me. Basically i'm trying to create a function for insert/update/select using prepared statements.

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If you compare $table to a known list of table names before using it in a query, that should be pretty safe. The next-best thing would be to wrap the table name in tick marks and remove any tick marks in the incoming $table variable value.

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Great, thank you! – Matt Feb 26 '11 at 4:28

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