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Is there any equivalent to gson in Objective-C?


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DCKeyValueObjectMapping https://github.com/dchohfi/KeyValueObjectMapping is not a JSON parser but an object-json mapper to inject NSObject properties from NSDictionary/NSArray.

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Yes - see http://psionides.jogger.pl/2010/03/04/cocoa-json-parsing-libraries/

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Thanks for your reply, but thats not what I am looking for... –  itsaboutcode Feb 26 '11 at 4:18

I think I have found few libraries which can server this purpose but most important one seems to be RestKit

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We used RestKit on a project and I would never use that library again. It was super slow and responsible for a lot of weird bugs. –  Marc Mar 14 at 17:42

OCMapper is very similar to Gson and easy to use https://github.com/aryaxt/OCMapper


   "firstName"   : "FirstName",
   "lastName"    : "LastName",
   "age"         : 26,
   "dateOfBirth" : "01/01/2013",
   "address"     : { 
                        "city" : "San Diego", 
                        "country" : "US"  
   "posts"       : [
                             "title" : "Post 1 title",
                             "datePosted : "04/15/2013",
                             "title" : "Post 2 title",
                             "datePosted : "04/12/2013",


@objc public class User: NSObject {

    var firstName: String?
    var lastName: String?
    var age: NSNumber?
    var dateOfBirth: NSDate?
    var address: Address?
    var posts: [Post]?

Usage Swift

let user = ObjectMapper.sharedInstance().objectFromSource(dict, toInstanceOfClass:User.self) as User


let User = User.objectFromDictionary(dictionary)

Usage Objective C

User *user = [[ObjectMapper sharedInstance] objectFromSource:dictionary toInstanceOfClass:User.class];


User *user = [User objectFromDictionary:dictionary];
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