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I have implemented drag and drop between 2 AdvancedDataGrid, but the default behaviour from Flex displays the row data during the drag using the grid item renderer showing all 5 columns.

Instead, I would like to display an icon / image or my own custom item renderer during the drag and drop. What would be the easiest way?

Any example?

Thanks !

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Subclass AdvancedDataGrid and override one property:

public class MyAdvancedDataGrid extends AdvancedDataGrid

    public function MyAdvancedDataGrid()

    private var scriptClass:Class;

    override protected function get dragImage():IUIComponent
        var image:Image = new Image();
        image.source = scriptClass;
        image.owner = this;
        image.moduleFactory = moduleFactory;
        return image; 
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You could use the drag proxy property to specify an image. From Adobe's online examples:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- dragdrop\DandDImageProxy.mxml -->
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml">

            //Import classes so you don't have to use full names.
            import mx.managers.DragManager;
            import mx.core.DragSource;
            import mx.events.DragEvent;
            import flash.events.MouseEvent;

            // Embed icon image.
            public var globeImage:Class;

            // The mouseMove event handler for the Image control
            // initiates the drag-and-drop operation.
            private function mouseOverHandler(event:MouseEvent):void 
                var dragInitiator:Image=Image(event.currentTarget);
                var ds:DragSource = new DragSource();
                ds.addData(dragInitiator, "img");               

                // The drag manager uses the Image control 
                // as the drag proxy and sets the alpha to 1.0 (opaque),
                // so it appears to be dragged across the Canvas.
                var imageProxy:Image = new Image();
                imageProxy.source = globeImage;
                DragManager.doDrag(dragInitiator, ds, event, 
                    imageProxy, -15, -15, 1.00);

            // The dragEnter event handler for the Canvas container
            // enables dropping.
            private function dragEnterHandler(event:DragEvent):void {
                if (event.dragSource.hasFormat("img"))

            // The dragDrop event handler for the Canvas container
            // sets the Image control's position by 
            // "dropping" it in its new location.
            private function dragDropHandler(event:DragEvent):void {
                Image(event.dragInitiator).x = 
                Image(event.dragInitiator).y = 

    <!-- The Canvas is the drag target --> 
    <mx:Canvas id="v1" 
        width="500" height="500"  

        <!-- The image is the drag initiator. -->
        <mx:Image id="myimg" 
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