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Right now I have a script that creates symlinks to anything newer than 2 weeks in the public folders into another folder. However, I can't find any good way of getting rid of the stale symlinks individually as opposed to wiping everything out. I need to test the symlink target mtime and if it's older than 2 weeks, delete the symlink itself and not the linked file.



if [[ ! -d $dest ]]; then
    exit 1

if [ `hostname` == "punk" ] && [ `uname -o` == "GNU/Linux" ]; then
    #rm -f $dest/*
    find -L $dest -mtime 14 -type f -exec echo "delete symlink: " {} \;
    find -L $source -mtime -14 -type f -exec ln -s -t $dest {} \;

Right now the first find command will delete the target as opposed to the symlink.

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Use simply

-exec rm {} +

rm will delete the link itself, not the target.

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