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How is possible to define labels and corresponding references to a self-defined environment within latex?



Any references to the included label though get redirected to the surrounding section/subsection/paragraph though.

Any hints? Thanks a lot.

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I'd recommend TeX.SE for any future questions related to LaTeX. – Peter Grill Oct 17 '11 at 17:52
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Use \refstepcounter instead of \stepcounter. This sets what the \label command will use, and redefine thefpcounter with \renewcommand{\thefpcounter}{\arabic{fpcounter}}. This yields

enter image description here

Also, have provided some other options depending on how you want to label the custom environment.





content of environment 1

content of environment 2

As shown in Problem~\ref{fp:A}, and Problem~\ref{fp:B}...
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Thank you very much for your detailed answer! – Thomas Nov 23 '12 at 9:15
Thank you. I wanted my custom environment to be numbered in sequence with equations, so I simply used \refstepcounter{equation} without defining any new counters. – Gavin R. Putland Feb 16 at 10:50
@GavinR.Putland: Glad my answer was able to help. However, I'd recommend TeX.SE for any future LaTeX inquiries. – Peter Grill Feb 16 at 10:57

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