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I heed two variables storing the maximum id from a table, and the minimum id from the same table.

the first id is easy to be taken ,using find() and a query like

        $first = Model::factory('product')->sale($sale_id)->find();

but how can i retrieve the last id? is there a sorting option in the Kohana 3 ORM? thanks!

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Don't ask for it to retrieve rows just to get the id, just SELECT MAX(id), MIN(id) FROM table. –  Dan Grossman Feb 26 '11 at 9:39

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Doing like this, I suppose you'll be :

  • selecting all lines of your table that correspond to your condition
  • fetching all those lines from MySQL to PHP
  • to, finally, only work with one of those lines

Ideally, you should be doing an SQL query that uses the MAX() or the MIN() function -- a bit like this :

select max(your_column) as max_value
from your_table
where ...

Not sure how to do that with Kohana, but this topic on its forum looks interesting.

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i've seen this topic. the idea is that i don't want to 'hardcode' the query in SQL, i was wodering if i can do this max select just using the plain kohana ORM. but i think this is not possible. thank you! –  dana Feb 26 '11 at 9:58
Oh ; sorry, I can't help you more, about that :-( –  Pascal MARTIN Feb 26 '11 at 10:00
:) no problem. thank you very much! –  dana Feb 26 '11 at 10:24
  1. Yes, you can sort resulting rows in ORM with order_by($column, $order). For example, ->order_by('id', 'ASC').

  2. Use QBuilder to get a specific values:

  public function get_minmax() 
      return DB::select(array('MAX("id")', 'max_id'),array('MIN("id")', 'min_id'))
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The problem could actually be that you are setting order_by after find_all. You should put it before. People do tend to put it last. This way it works.

     $smthn = ORM::factory('smthn')
        ->where('something', '=', something)
        ->order_by('id', 'desc')
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