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I have a website with like 50-60 dynamically generated pages, where I implemented the like button along with open graph protocol (ogp).

I want to manage this pages like a regular facebook page and post to my fans, for that I have specificed myself as page admin in the meta tags and liked my posts but I can't find this page in my manage pages section.

I tested my website by adding/removing different meta tags to make it working and tested it on facebook linter tool. Somehow I got two pages in the manage pages section but the remaining are not working.

You can view my website here: http://freshlylike.com/view.php?id=404

Please help.


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somebody please help :) –  happyhardik Mar 1 '11 at 15:44

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That's because in order to see those pages in you Manage Pages section, the admin listed in the open graph tag has to actually click the link - according to Facebook

Each listed user must click Like on the URL to be approved as an admin. This is to prevent users being made admins without their consent.

I encountered the same problem too, so might have to work around that.

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I did click on a lot of posts, but it doesn't work. Did "Like"/"Unlike" many times, no use. –  happyhardik Apr 11 '11 at 6:12

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