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I have the following (MySQL) table called "tweets":

tweet_id   created_at
1          1298027046
2          1298027100
5          1298477008

I want MySQL returning the number of tweets per day of the week; taking the above data it should return:

Sunday  1
Monday  2

I now have the following query to accomplish this:

SELECT COUNT(tweet_id) AS tweets, DAYNAME(FROM_UNIXTIME(`created_at`)) AS day 
FROM tweets 

This however returns a list that starts with Wednesday:

Wednesday 2019
Tuesday   2072
Monday     932
Sunday    1433
Saturday  4321
Friday     643
Thursday  1542

How is this list ordered? Why not just Sun to Sat and how * can * I accomplish that?

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DAYOFWEEK takes a date ('2011-02-26'), but you're giving it a day name ('Saturday').

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Thanks, so true....for some reason I completely overlooked that and assumed I had something like FROM_UNIXTIME(created_at) AS day". – Pr0no Feb 26 '11 at 11:43

Try to change the order clause like this

order by dayofweek(FROM_UNIXTIME(`created_at`)) 
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This works, thanks :) – Pr0no Feb 26 '11 at 11:44

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