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Is it possible to show issues in Jira/Greenhopper in a swim-lane type of view? What I need is a view similar to Greenhopper's Task view with ToDo/In Progress/Done lanes, but with version lanes. For example, I want to see vertical lanes displaying V1/V2/V3 with issues belonging to each version show in appropriate lane?

Perhaps there is a plug-in for that? Ideally, we could configure lanes, so instead of version we could show issues classified by asignee, type, component, custom issue field, etc on a single screen.

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The Rapid board is exactly what you are after, and quite usable as of JIRA 4.4 (which now integrates GreenHopper 5.7 by default).


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Enable the Rapid Board labs feature. This board is really nice and very flexible.

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It's in an upcoming release -

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There is an Issue Groups Plugin that does this -

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