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I am new to Java and I have searched the web and Java Documentation a lot, but I don't understand how to integrate JTatto LAF in my Application.

I downloaded the .jar file and saved it into the same folder where my classes are. The code to integrate looks like this.:

try {
catch (Exception e) {
    System.out.println("An Exception occured: "+e);

But it always returns me an ClassNotFound-Exception.

I even tried to integrate the source into the folder of my classes: I donwloaded the source and copied the com\jtattoo\plaf folder into the folder of my classes. Then I try to import it via

import com.jtattoo.plaf.*;

This seems to work, but I still can't set the LAF.

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You need to make sure that JTattoo.jar is in your CLASSPATH. I'm not familiar with your editor, but it probably has a "project" setting that will allow you to specify .jar files that should be in the CLASSPATH at runtime.

Outside of your IDE, just make sure you have it set via java -classpath "./JTattor.jar:...other jars:" my.MainClass, etc.

If you set the CLASSPATH correctly, you won't need to integrate the source code into your own project.

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Using Custom Class Libraries in BlueJ is explained here

The first way is via the "Preferences" dialog. Open the "Preferences" dialogue and select the "Libraries" tab. Then add the location where your classes/jar are as a library path. Restart BlueJ - done.
The selected libraries will now be available in all projects that you open.

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