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I tried to install django massivecoupon local mac, but no luck so far.

First problem is django admin part, it always said cookie not enabled, but i did. Some search found that it could possibly conflict with php5-mhash. But i have tried to search through my mamp installation, php.ini in mamp, no mhash installed. Tried to search on /etc/ but no php.ini there.

Second problem, on the front page, error found :

Could not import massivecoupon.engine.views. Error was: No module named libs

I did some search and tried to run :

export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=massivecoupon.settings

Still no luck.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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I followed this recipe to get this running (with basic functionality).

To fix the admin problem,


This line needs to be removed from

Your PYTHONPATH setting is correct.

To fix the module problem,

from massivecoupon.libs import formutils

remove this line from engine/

Finally you will need to remove

{% load facebook_tags %}

from templates/header.html if pyfacebook and facebooktags modules are not installed already.

If you set Debug=True in it is easy to see what is happening.

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