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Can someone please guide me on how to make a program of VoIP application in C++?

I've been searching all over the Internet, but I can't even find a tutorial for me to start with. Any references about programming VOIP tutorial in c++ is much appreciated.

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Here is a step-by-step tutorial how to build a H.323 VoIP application with H323Plus.

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This is not a trivial problem. It is almost like asking how do I build a Web browser in C++. VOIP consists of a number of protocol. The ones commonly used are SIP for session management. SDP for description of the session. And RTP/RTCP to manage transmission of the audio streams. The audio streams themselves can be encoded by a whole variety of codecs. All of this makes this a complex problem, one which you are unlikely to find a step-by-step tutorial for.

Your best bet is to take a look at the code for an open-source soft phone and see how they do it.

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There are some good suggestions on this question: Building VOIP into an application (C++ specifically)

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Check pjsip: I thik it is the best sip / rtp sdk around.

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