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I'm building a template engine for my next project, which is going great. It replaces {tag} with a corresponding value.

I want {tag[0][key]} to be replaced as well. All I need to know is how to get the value, if I have the string representation of the array and key, like this:

$arr = array(
    0 => array(
        'key' => 'value'
    1 => array(
        'key' => 'value2'

$tag = 'arr[0][key]';


This is a very simple version of the problem, I hope you understand it. Or else I would be happy to answer any questions about it.

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I am fairly confused. You are trying to access $tag[0][key] which I assume is the same as $arr[0][key]... So then what is the question? –  Nitroware Feb 26 '11 at 15:24
Seriously, what do you gain by writing {tag[0][key]} over <?php echo $tag[0]['key'] ?> and how is that novel from the gazillion poor other template engines out there that you think you need to reinvent it? –  Gordon Feb 26 '11 at 15:26
Template engines suck. There is no reason to create such an overhead instead writing some php code. –  Mārtiņš Briedis Feb 26 '11 at 15:30
@Nitroware sorry the {tag[0][key]} was just an example. If i had an var with the value of arr[0][key] how would i get the value from $arr? @Gordon well, i have a guy doing the html, and this simplyfies it for him. And then i'm doing it for the challenge of it, to expand to horizon and stuff ;) –  Esben Feb 26 '11 at 15:35
@Bried: PHP IS a template engine. Running a template engine on PHP is like driving your car to work by loading it onto the back of a flatbed truck - useless overhead. –  Marc B Feb 26 '11 at 15:43

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I agree that there is no need to reinvent the wheel: PHP itself was born as a template engine, and is still good at doing this:

<?php echo $arr[0][key]; ?>

It even used to have the now deprecated form

<?= $arr[0][key] ?>

In any case you could do the following

$keys = array();
preg_match_all('|\[([^\]]*)\]|', $tag, $keys);
$result = $arr;
foreach ($keys[1] as $key) {
    $result = $result[$key];
echo "$result\n";
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Hello, you got the idea. I must admit your comments regarding the usefullness of the templating system are very true. Creating the system though has been a great challenge for me and i learned alot about static vars, methods, currying and more! Your answer was exactly what i was looking for, thank you! –  Esben Feb 26 '11 at 16:08
$arr = array(

$tag = "arr";
print ${$tag}[0]['key'];
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I think that the point is also parsing the indices 0 and key, which are given inside the string arr[0][key]. You modified the question. –  Andrea Feb 26 '11 at 15:51

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