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I want to create a deferred as follows:

f1(x1) and f2(x2) are performed in parallel (so to speak) and after they finish, I run f3() If I had the same parameters, I'd run:

d = Deferred()
d.addCallback(lambda x: f3())

So that I pass x1 to both f1 and f2. But I need f1 to get x1 and so forth.

How can I do this?


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I am not sure, if I understood your use case right, but this seems to be something, where a DeferredList would work particularly well.

d1 = function_that_returns_a_deferred_1(x1)
d2 = function_that_returns_a_deferred_2(x2)
d = DeferredList([d1, d2])
d.addCallback(lambda ign: f3())

This way, f3 will only be executed once both d1 and d2 have completed.

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