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is there any way to start automatically the Inspector after starting Chrome?

is there any way to start automatically the Firebug after starting Firefox?



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In Firefox you can set Firebug to be always on by opening about:config and setting extensions.firebug.allPagesActivation to on.

Note that this will have Firebug always active and recording -- which you can see by the Firebug icon being colored -- but the panel may be minimized. Show it by clicking the icon or using the hotkey (Usually F12 but sometimes CtrlF12).

Note that the valid values for extensions.firebug.allPagesActivation are:

  • none -- (default) Page-by-page settings may apply.
  • on     -- Firebug is activated for all URLs.
  • off     -- Firebug is never activated.
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Good answer, I did not know about the kbd tag – apose Mar 7 '11 at 22:55

As far as I have been searching it is not possible to do that in Google Chrome. But you can use the shortcut ctrlshiftj to open it immediately. Hope it helps!

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