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I just discovered the very useful SuperAbbrevs plugin for jEdit. I've programmed a few abbreviations and it works great. But I like to do the following.


p = <p>${1:}</p>

img = <img src="${1:}" alt="${2:}" />

So when I type:

p it will give me an empty <p></p> and place the cursor in the middle. I then type img in the middle of the p tag and hit TAB to active the next SuperAbbrev (triggering the img tag). However, instead of also converting this into my full text, it will just just to the end of the abbreviation and I end up with: <p>img</p>

When I manually go back and hit TAB after the img text it WILL work, but I need to leave the p tag first and that defeats the purpose of the abbreviations. Anybody any idea?

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Found the solution! Set this in the template:


That way, the cursor jumps to the center and the abbreviation ends, allowing other abbreviations to be entered right away.

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