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hello guys i need small help in understanding file system of android

Now in windows for example we create files using paths like "c:/mytextfile.txt" or "c:/folder/mytextfile.txt".Now how can i access files and folders in android i mean whats the path like.

Does the phone support file browser instead of relying on third party apps??

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Android does not have a native file browser, but there are numerous third-party ones (Astro comes to mind). The filesystem of Android is that of Linux; the path separator is / and the FS grows from a single root called /. So, you have your app packages under /data/apps, and so forth. Unless the phone is jailbroken ("rooted"), you won't get to see the whole filesystem - permissions get in the way. This applies to all Android applications, they are sandboxed - that is, they don't get access the whole filesystem. There are API calls to get the path to the current application's sandbox directory.

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To be able to access files and folders and etc in Android, read-up on the Data Storage chapter, it'll start shedding some light on how it all works.

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i know its long back but thanks for the reply :) –  wenn32 Nov 20 '13 at 9:40

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